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Be the change you want to see in others.

"I love the smell of bogging in the morning. Smells like... victory. Some day this war's got to end."

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09:12:09 pm Permalink beach impeach project A28   English (US)

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beach impeach project

from the I-5, exit Carmel Valley Road. head west.
at the stop light, turn left into the NORTH park entrance,
go under the train tracks and you're there.
walk past the rest rooms, under the HWY 101 bridge,
head north to tower #6

101 bus stops right at the beach! click here for info

sorry, no dogs allowed, no fires, no glass containers,
but plenty of fun and sun!

letter wranglers! click here to download pdf

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beach impeach pics and video

click here for update

slide show - flier - sign up for updates - sign up to volunteer - print fliers (pdf)

beach impeach project

the letters will be filled in with people!
ccl pic

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06:44:55 pm Permalink veterans for peace   English (US)

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veterans for peace

Oceanside, December 9, 2006 (in the rain)

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06:33:58 pm Permalink who's the useful idiot   English (US)

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endorsed by hunter

pancakes 1 pancakes 2

Terrorists support torture, corruption and fear, they hate peace.
Hunter supports torture, corruption and fear, Liberals support peace.
So who's the useful idiot? Do terrorists want continued war or do they want peace?

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09:00:44 pm Permalink crest parade   English (US)

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stop crime impeace bush cheney

in you ain't for impeachin your soft on crime

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