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Be the change you want to see in others.

"I love the smell of bogging in the morning. Smells like... victory. Some day this war's got to end."


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spread the word store

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flickr set
flickr slideshow

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flag b
flag c

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beach impeach project

from the I-5, exit Carmel Valley Road. head west.
at the stop light, turn left into the NORTH park entrance,
go under the train tracks and you're there.
walk past the rest rooms, under the HWY 101 bridge,
head north to tower #6

101 bus stops right at the beach! click here for info

sorry, no dogs allowed, no fires, no glass containers,
but plenty of fun and sun!

letter wranglers! click here to download pdf

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09:20:37 am Permalink if you paint them   English (US)

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painted these this morning, took about a half hour while i was listening to the radio and talking on the phone.
think of signs as newspapers or fliers, not as works of art, send 'em out to be seen, read, torn down, thrown away and maybe recycled.
try to do some every week. 2 a week is a 100 over a year. do the same one over and over. throw in a new one now and then.
work with a friend, if you paint 'em, they will hang 'em!

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