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You can break lines<br> <tt>typewriter font</tt> <strike>Strike out</strike> or <u>underline</u> text, or write it <span style="font-variant:small-caps"> in small caps</span>. Superscripts and subscripts: x<sup>2</sup>, x<sub>2</sub> Invisible comments that only appear while editing the page. <!-- Note to editors: blah blah blah. --> == Section headings == Headings organize your writing into sections. The Wiki software can automatically generate a table of contents from them. === Subsection === Using more equals signs creates a subsection. ==== A smaller subsection ==== Don't skip levels, like from two to four equals signs. Start with two equals signs; don't use single equals signs. * ''Unordered lists'' are easy to do: ** Start every line with a star. *** More stars indicate a deeper level. *A newline *in a list marks the end of the list. *Of course you can start again. # Numbered lists are also good: ## Very organized ## Easy to follow A newline marks the end of the list. #New numbering starts with 1. # Numbered lists are also good: ## Very organized ## Easy to follow A newline marks the end of the list. #New numbering starts with 1. :A colon indents a line or paragraph. A newline after that starts a new paragraph. ::This is often used for discussion on talk pages. Here's a link to a page named [[Official position]]. You can even say [[official position]]s and the link will show up correctly. You can put formatting around a link. Example: ''[[Wikipedia]]''. The ''first letter'' will automatically be capitalized, so [[wikipedia]] is the same as [[Wikipedia]]. Capitalization matters after the first letter. [[The weather in London]] is a page that doesn't exist yet. You can create it by clicking on the link. You can make an external link just by typing a URL: You can give it a title: [ Nupedia] Or leave the title blank: [] Category links don't show up, but add the page to a category. [[Category:BWTM]] Add an extra colon to actually link to the category: [[:Category:English documentation]] <nowiki> The nowiki tag ignores [[Wiki]] ''markup''. It reformats text by removing newlines and multiple spaces. It still interprets special characters: →

[[Image:Westminstpalace.jpg|thumb|The Palace of Westminster|200px|right|From the Thames]]

<pre> The pre tag ignores [[Wiki]] ''markup''. It also doesn't reformat text. It still interprets special characters: → </pre>ibm服务器 CISCO交换机 IBM服务器 IBM服务器报价 hp服务器 调查 汽车陪练 汽车陪练 装饰装潢 展览制作 会议服务 北京月嫂 热水器维修 北京搬家 北京月嫂 北京搬家 热水器维修 劳保用品 印刷公司 灯光音响 北京搬家 北京货架 热水器维修 油烟机维修 燃气灶维修 北京物流 北京保洁 发电机租赁 自动门 空调维修 万家乐热水器维修 妇科咨询 门窗厂 家用卫星电视天线 北京货架 包装公司 万家乐热水器维修 北京汽车陪练 空调回收 机柜 北京装修公司 北京装潢公司 干洗 压路机 北京汽车陪练 综合布线 回收电脑耗材 回收硒鼓墨盒 装饰装潢 北京搬家 北京物流 北京保洁 空调维修 自动门 门窗厂 家用卫星电视天线 展览制作 汽车陪练 汽车陪练 北京月嫂 母婴护理 劳保用品 北京搬家 小升初 北京货架 油烟机维修 燃气灶维修 发电机租赁 燃气灶维修 妇科咨询 小升初 机柜 北京货架 油烟机维修 燃气灶维修 包装公司 空调维修 北京汽车陪练 空调回收