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This is a letter writing campaign. But send us a copy of your letter! Mr. Hunter will only throw your letter away. Read your letter to others on Thursday. Bring a copy or send a copy to letters@beachblogger.net or post it on this page.

We are going to keep doing this! For years if that's what it takes to bring back honest representation and service to the 52nd district.

Ducan Hunter
1870 Cordell Ct Ste 206
El Cajon, CA 92020

Ground Zero Players Dumpin' Duncan more
Ground Zero Players Dumpin' Duncan more


letter writing

Please post letters to Duncan Hunter here (please sign in first) but you don't have to leave your full name.

During the next week we plan to write a letter a day protesting Mr. Hunter's position on topics such as these:

  1. anti-liberal, anti-Democrat position, he does not represent everyone in his district.
  2. anti-immigration issues
  3. torture
  4. weak security: will spend billions on a border fence which narco-terrorists easily tunnel under. money would be better spent and provide better security elsewhere
  5. campaign finance: has raised millions and then funneled it to his family. Thousands come from out of state. Takes corporate money.
  6. corruption: he took money from Cunningham, he never called what Cunningham did wrong.
  7. Support of troops: delayed sending body armor and up-armor vehicles. see above
  8. corruption in military procurement.
  9. the environment

Check back for new letters and info on the next event.

Welcome Home Vets, May 18 pdf

Useful Idiots

Representative Duncan Lee Hunter, CA-52, and his followers are `useful idiots' to world terrorists. By supporting, bankrolling and engaging in the endless war they aid the terrorists in their struggle to destabilize the Mideast. Operation Iraqi Liberation has drained the strength- of the US by killing over 2588 US soldiers, wounding tens of thousands more and killing tens, if not one hundred thousand Iraqi citizens. It has removed the US as a diplomatic leader by staying the course of destroying Iraq (and Afghanistan) in order to save it; billions of dollars have been squandered on reconstruction projects that accomplished nothing except to line the pockets of contractors. Hunter has taken up the tactics of hate radio pundits and never passes up an opportunity to slander and smear liberals in order to divide the US and further weaken us as a Nation. He heads a gerrymandered district which guarantees his reelection yet he still childishly attacks and isolates the 34% who voted against him; Mr. Hunter represents only the views of Military Industrial Corporations and hard core anti everything Christian groups; ignoring and attacking all others, reducing any attempted dialog to name calling.

Osama bin Laden has not been captured and is no longer sought by the neo-cons. The alleged ties from the former Iraq regime to bin Laden are fiction. Terrorists that have been captured have been abused and tortured thereby eliminating legal justice in any legitimate court of law; the war huggers support and endorse torture further weakening the US as a moral leader and even exposing US servicemen and contractors to prosecution for war crimes committed under bad legal advise.

Mr. Randal Lee "Duke" Cunningham is Mr. Hunters avid student and protégé who did everything Hunter taught him except he got caught; this culture of corruption and hypocrisy further degrades America's world standing. Leaders such as Cunningham sold out our Nation, cheap, for greed and lust; Mr. Hunter continues to support this lifestyle ("God bless our Contractors"). Liberals fight for peace and freedom, oil huggers fight for greed and ego.

While wrapping themselves in the flag, with the stars replaced by crosses, the Bush huggers attack the true patriots who support peace. The neo-cons are the "useful idiots" who support and further the endless war favored by Osama bin Laden and world terrorism. While calling for peace through strength they weaken our Nation by their hypocrisy, name calling, greed, lust and corruption.

There are many strong liberal leaders today, at all levels, with many plans leading to world peace and restoring the standing of the US as a Nation. Lets have Peace through Peace!

Dear Mr. Congressman

March 20, 2003

Dear Mr. Congressman,

I've got something to say, another voice that you can't hear; but there are more voices where this one came from, I can guarantee that.


We've got children that carry guns, we've got orphans and homeless, and runaways of our own, the people they wander all night to keep warm, what about that?! The un(employment) lines are short, welfare lines long. mounting bills an' empty cupboards; the people die young, when they shoulda' lived long; there's no insurance for the poor to speak of!


They say I'm not American cuz' I don't believe in this war, but can't you see me holding up my flag for all the souls we've forgotten right here in our own backyard!


not so sincerely,

Christene LeDoux

link to song

Locals ask Hunter to reverse support for budget

read this story from the East County Californian

have you ever heard of a communist business owner?

Paul Healy
8645 Argent St. Suite A
Santee, Ca. 92071

Mr. Duncan Hunter,

I recently had the opportunity to read your presentation to the Fairbanks Republican Womens Federation and I have to tell you that I have rarely seen anything so misleading and delusional in my 53 years on earth. Your use of fearmongering and denigration of opposing viewpoints as a means of rallying support for yourself is appalling. It is apparent to me now that you have nothing tangible to offer the constituents of the 52nd district, nothing factual to discuss and this leads me to believe that it is time for you to step down. Resign as congressman.

I have attended many anti-war demonstrations as well as a rally at your El Cajon office recently and the attendees were all American citizens, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children. All employed or retired after working a lifetime and not a one of them a communist. I myself have been the co-owner of a successful business for the last 22 years. Now have you ever heard of a communist business owner? Duncan you are just simply un-believable. Because of your irrational attitude towards your own constituents and your pandering to the military industrial complex, I intend to excuse myself from work, lock it up, and attend any rally that supports your removal from office. It is my duty as a citizen of these great United States to practice democracy in its truest form and I promise I will put my nose to the grindstone and go overtime if necessary, but believe me baby……you are out!

Disrespectfully yours,
Paul Healy

Ridicule, not irony

Dear Donna,

I know what you are saying about the article and flashreport. It is an example of how outrageous Hunter and the Neo-Cons are. I posted it not as irony, but as ridicule. The writer did capture Duncan words pretty well and I was surprised that they were almost the same as the radio interview. This seems to be Duncan's current stump speech and to me it is really lame. I mean, do you have any idea of what a .45 would do to a babies head? and have you ever seen a terrorist use a .45? He's just fear mongering and playing to the emotions and the poor members of the ladies club are eating it up.

Ridicule, not irony. What do you think? does that make any sense?

Diesel did a little deconstruction: http://thisledo.blogspot.com/2006/04/keep-your-eye-on-ball-fallacies-and.html

The flashreport is a good blog to check to find out what the enemy is up to.



Our country is not only headed in the wrong direction, we have arrived in a bad place

Dear Mr. Congressman,

I’ve got something to say:

Our country is not only headed in the wrong direction, on many issues we are doing the wrong things, making the same mistakes and committing crimes.

Liberals know far more about the struggle for freedom than any neo-cons do. The war in Iraq is about oil, not about freedom. It’s about imperialism and cronyism; it’s not even about capitalism. The Iraqis hate you because you invaded and occupied their country, not because someone drove over a chicken.

You support torture and torture is always wrong. Randall Cunningham blamed his crimes on his Navy training; what are you teaching sailors and soldiers to be? Torturers! You elaborated about mothers and babies shot in the head” with a .45 pistol”; the anthropologist found wounds from “a small caliber weapon”. You are such a military know it all but you don’t even know the difference between a .22 and a .45 and what each would do to a baby’s head? What else have you misunderstood? or lied about? And if you are lying about something you saw on TV what else will you lie about? Once you have crossed the line and support torture, what else won’t you do?

Your comments show you only represent narrow radical right wing policies, many of which are destroying our country. You took an oath to represent all the people in the 52nd District. You have broken that oath. I call on you to resign.

Peter L

Border fence

Judge Sets Bail For Border Agent In Smuggling Case 04-21-2006 4:54 AM (San Diego, CA) -- Bail was set at one-million-dollars for one of two U.S. Border Patrol agents who allegedly released illegal immigrants from federal custody in exchange for 300-thousand-dollars in bribes from a smuggling organization. The judge ruled yesterday that prosecutors had not shown by clear and convincing evidence that 45-year-old Mario Alvarez is a flight risk or a danger to the community. As his condition of supervised release, Alvarez, who lives in Imperial County, must restrict his travel to the Southern District of California. Another supervising Border Patrol agent, Samual McClaren, remains held without bond. Alvarez and McClaren were each charged with conspiracy to smuggle aliens for financial gain, conspiracy to commit bribery, bribery, making a false statement, smuggling aliens for financial gain, filing a false tax return and criminal forfeiture. Each defendant faces a maximum of 15 years in prison if convicted on the bribery charge.


Dear Mr. Congressman,

I have something to say.

We need better border security. But just like the Iraq war, your Fortress Fence is the wrong way to do it.

The war is about oil and profits for corporations. The fence is a $2-10billion boondoggle. You are wrong, the fence is wrong.

We're all in this together. You are a dividing force. We need better border security. Could additional billions help the Border Patrol? Is building a fortress the only solution?

How about:

  1. Pass legislation dealing reasonably and decently with immigration policies. Put away your hate and prejudice and deal honestly people.
  2. Increased funding to Border Patrol: Hire enough agents so that they don't get burned out, maintain equipment and facilities. Provide housing if necessary.
  3. Increased use of sensors, UAVs with infrared, distributed so agents on the ground get the info they need. Use radiological sensors to detect terrorist smugglers.
  4. Instead of 'fortress' fencing get a fleet of smaller service trucks to go up the trails and install and repair fencing. The trucks should not tear up the countryside or create new roads that smugglers can use. Contact locals residents and concentrate on problem areas that they point out. Put up additional fencing to protect private property. Equip fences with sensors. Develop and use devices to block trails, k-rails or steel obstacles, use fencing and move it around to disrupt traffic on established trails.
  5. Develop perimeters to keep vehicles away from the border and sensors to detect vehicles picking up illegals, drugs or terrorists.
  6. Enforce current laws, arrest illegal crossers and deport them, do it again and again. Use biometrics to id those arrested. Use the laws we have, don't just give up. It's hard work!
  7. post warning signs and enforce them.
  8. Use diplomacy and cooperate with Mexican authorities on trail blocking, monitoring and warnings on their side of the border. Get cooperation from the Mexicans, get them to discourage illegal crossing. It's hard work but it's the governments job to deal with foreign countries. Do you job.

You're so certain that there is only your way to do everything. A fortress fence is a waste of money. It's out dated cold war mentality.

It's insulting.

another voice that you won't hear,



Mr. Hunter,

Your strategy for re-election is an overtly divisive one. The tactics you have chosen are not ones of unification but OVERT division. They include thinly veiled "red-baiting" and language that is completely reminiscent of the McCarthy era. This is a tired old way of doing politics. A manner of division that is dated and no longer acceptable to the public. Maybe you are polarized and out of touch with how the public feels about such name-calling tactics.

These politics of division carry over into a do nothing strategy of building a fence across our borders to stop illegal immigration. Some of the immigrants should have the right to cross as Native Americans from border tribes, under the conditions of the Treaty of Hidalgo. The politics of division marginalizes the migrant workers, while leaving the Coyotes untouched as they are often legal immigrants or citizens. Your fences do not stop tunnels, nor will legislation to forbid tunneling, even though current regulations can and are applied against such tactics. It is especially non effective as we in the east county of San Diego are watching safe houses being purchased, most of which are small one bedroom homes that now have 9 or more adults in residence with their children. If the border counties had enforceable occupancy limits, and would enforce zoning laws fewer people both citizens and immigrants would be adding illegally to their homes for space. The vehicles are often new vans or trucks that have a large capacity of carrying either goods or people. The immigrants are being driven through the checkpoints. Borrowed documents are common. The Coyotes are winning, they are ripping off their clients for thousands, and our government when their clients are willingly arrested and given a free ticket back home. And no fence is going to stop people from crossing the border through the checkpoints unless the law is enforced at the checkpoints.

The environment impact of such fences is great. It is inexcusable that new roads to provide access to heavy equipment to areas not currently accessible. Your fence and roads will make it easier for Coyotes to pick up people on this side of the fence, after the fence is inevitably compromised. Like most structures in the backcountry, maintenance will far exceed the building costs. Your fence is a politically expedient one that has little to do with true conservatism, as it is a change that will not have a fixed price ticket.

Patricia J. Akers

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