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This page is about various Household Tips.


Oki C5200 Laser Printer

42126601-2-3 Price: $23.89 each

42126604 non-oem Price: $49.89 total $121.66

Roku Amazon

error 012. When Amazon crashes on Roku the best fix is to restart the router and modem

How to e-mail Amazon

Roomba battery

Always store Roomba charging on the Home Base or with the Charger plugged into the robot. For long-term storage, iRobot recommends that the battery be fully charged and then removed from the robot and stored in a cool, dry place.

Occasionally reset your Roomba and fully discharge the battery. Once every few months, you should reset your Roomba and fully discharge the battery: Remove the battery and hold down the POWER button for at least 5 seconds to reset Roomba. (For single-button robots, hold down the CLEAN button.) Reinstall the battery and charge it until the POWER light turns green.

Cleaning products

Charlie's Laundry Soap

hydraulic jack