Frankowiak, Connie

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Connie Frankowiak is a Democratic candidate for the 2008 CA-52 House of Represenitive seat.



2006 Primary

In the 2006 Primary Connie received 4,784 votes, 15% of all Democratic votes cast.

Letters from Connie

February 2007

January 2007

Where Are the Hobbits?

A long time ago a very wise little hobbit once said, "There is some good in this world and it is worth fighting for."

Is there anyone in the US government or in America that believes this? And who will make a stand against the soulless supporters of futile wars, of mass murder, torture, the lying traitors, the corrupt and greedy and those whose criminally irresponsible policies in both domestic and foreign affairs endanger us all and future generations of Americans.

Is there not one in the US government who will take up the weapons that our founding fathers gave us to protect us from these evil forces; the checks and balances that require the use of the impeachment process, criminal indictments and telling the truth to anyone who will listen about these soulless, corrupt ones in high places who care not how many perish or are maimed in futile wars, who pass bills to enrich the already rich at the expense of everyone else and who destroy the environment, national forests, parks, wilderness areas and the most enlightened piece of legislation to ever come out of the US Congress, the Social Security Program?

The soulless ones in high places are destroying the miracle of life and of freedom and no longer will compromise and negotiations work in this plutocracy (we hope that one day in the future that we will get back our democracy) for the soulless ones in high places are intent on serving their corrupt corporate masters, their Gods of greed, ignorance, intolerance, hate and fear and in so doing they will destroy this nation and who have already turned our democracy into a plutocracy.

Is there not one in the US government and in the land that will stand and fight for the good?

Connie Frankowiak Julian, Calif.