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The 52nd Congresional District of the State of California is located in what is refered to as East County of Sandiego County.




Duncan Huter is the current Represenitive.

The effort to unseat Mr. Hunter is gaining momentum: Dumpin' Duncan

2010 Election Cycle

Ray Lutz

Hunter fears starving men.

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter’s challengers want to debate him so badly they can taste it – probably because they haven’t eaten anything for days. In an effort to force Mr. Hunter, the Republican incumbent in California’s 52nd district, into a series of eight debates in August, Ray Lutz, the Democratic candidate, began a hunger strike at sundown on Aug. 12. Mike Benoit, the Libertarian candidate, quickly followed suit. So far, Mr. Lutz has missed 17 meals and lost 14 pounds. He’s pledged to continue his fast until Friday. Still, Mr. Hunter will not acquiesce, agreeing only to a few face-offs in October.

But Dave Gilliard, Hunter’s campaign consultant, said Hunter does intend to debate his opponent “likely in October when Congress is out of session and voters are focused on elections.” “It will happen in October,” he said. Gilliard quipped that the move sounded “like something out of Berkeley not San Diego.” Lutz responded that he still planned to go forward with the strike until he got a direct response from Hunter or his campaign, after submitting letters to the campaign asking that the first term incumbent engage in debates. Lutz admitted he wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to last. “I’m an older guy now, I’m 53,” he said. “I’m not Gandhi, I’m not 33...I’m still a pretty healthy guy and fasting sometimes is good for you. I’ve never done it very long at all, more than a meal. After a meal I’m pretty ready for another meal.”

Candidate Lutz announces hunger strike until Hunter agrees to debate.

Pancakes for Failure

3. Duncan D. Hunter, incumbent Congressman(497 turds): Of course voters should be wary of Hunter; In 2008, he was elected on really little more than his name and the fact he was active duty military. This cycle, we turded Hunter when Council Member and fellow Republican Carl DeMaio all but called him a homophobic bigot at a political event and when Hunter either straight-up lied at a debate or had an alarming weak grasp on the facts when it came to the United States exploiting Iraq’s oil supply.

Lawmakers used campaign funds to pay relatives. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif. Margaret Hunter Daughter-in-law $105,353

Annual Pancake Breakfast

2008 Election Cycle


CA cash power rankings. CA-52 Lumpkin D $129 $54 Hunter, Jr. (listed as incumbent) R $338 $198 27%

Hunter raises most funds in race, records show.

MORE KOOLAID PLEASE! Duncan D. Hunter is not his father. Is it my imagination, or is there a vendetta against Duncan D. Hunter? Before the primaries, you published “Father's embrace of earmarks beneficial to candidate Hunter” (News, May 29). Earmarks are widespread on Capitol Hill and, as of this date, a legal practice. Yet the impression given is that Rep. Duncan Hunter Sr. is guilty of committing a crime, and his son Duncan D. guilty by association. After the primary, Duncan D.'s was the only picture with an article on gerrymandering and the only picture with an article on family members following family members' footsteps into political office, although quite a few politicians fall into this category. The point here is that Duncan D. Hunter is not guilty of earmarking, gerrymandering or trying to establish a dynasty. Give this candidate a chance. There might be a reason 74 percent of us voted for him. Could be he shares our values. LAURIE A. HENDERSON El Cajon

November to bring battle of the veterans. Hunter, Lumpkin both win handily in congressional race.

Dunkie DUKE Hunter Now here we are 28 years later. The congressional district has a new number, new boundaries, and the 2-to-1 Democratic majority has morphed into a strong Republican voter registration. Hunter was assigned to the Armed Forces Committee and eventually became its chair, and became an avid supporter of the war in Iraq. Last year, he decided to run for president, and shortly thereafter announced that he would not seek re-election to the House of Representatives, but that his son will run to replace him. And that brings us to today and the "Elect Duncan Hunter" signs that have sprouted in the 52nd District. For folks who haven't kept up with the comings and goings of their congressman and who may not know that the original Duncan Hunter is not running, those signs may signal business as usual. Clearly, name recognition is a big plus in a political campaign and Duncan Hunter's name is as familiar as the next door neighbor's. But it is Duncan D. Hunter, 30-year-old Iraq veteran who is the candidate, the son and not the father.

Combat vets now vie for votes to win House seat.

Candidates for Hunter's seat face off. Two major parties hold own debates.



A look at the CA-52 Primary Candidates

Vickie Butcher

Age: 66

Residence: El Cajon

Profession: Executive director, nonprofit Water for Children Africa

Public service: El Cajon Planning Commission, 1992-2003; member, California Regional Water Quality Control Board, 2001-04

Education: Law degree, Thomas Jefferson School of Law; bachelor's degree in special education, California State University Los Angeles

Family: Married, five children

Mike Lumpkin

Age: 43

Residence: Jamul

Profession: Retired commander, Navy SEALs

Education: Master's degree in national security, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey; bachelor's degree in anthropology, University of California San Diego

Family: Married, one child

Democrats Field Navy Vet to Run for Hunter’s San Diego Seat

By Rachel Kapochunas September 11, 2007

Republican candidates have been flocking to run for California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter’s seat in the 52nd district, but this last weekend, Democrats gained a challenger who believes he can run a competitive race in the GOP-leaning district: retired Navy commander Mike Lumpkin.

Lumpkin announced his candidacy Saturday at a convention held by the San Diego County Democrats, a group Lumpkin said asked him to consider the bid several months ago for the seat Hunter will vacate in order to focus on his longshot bid for the presidency.

“Our nation faces serious challenges. Now, more than ever, the people of California’s 52nd Congressional District deserve an experienced leader to represent them,” Lumpkin said at the event. “A congressional seat is too important to pass from father to son as a birthright because of name recognition, when America’s future is at stake.”

Hunter’s son, Marine Captain Duncan D. Hunter, is one of the Republicans vying for his father’s seat and while legacy candidates are not uncommon in Congress, they often draw criticism for using the advantages of name recognition and other benefits that an incumbent parent can bestow to crowd out rivals.

Republican Rep. Gus Bilirakis overcame those criticisms last fall and easily clinched a win to succeed his father, Michael Bilirakis, in Florida’s 9th District. He joined eight current members of the House who directly succeeded a parent.

But Lumpkin told on Monday that he believes district voters hold “real concerns” about family succession in the 52nd.

“If you look at the number of people in the GOP who backed the son prior to the other challengers getting a fair shake in the primary, you just have to scratch your head and wonder, ‘Is this how our nation was designed to function?’” Lumpkin asked.

At least three Republicans are in the race for the open seat in addition to Hunter: Santee City Councilman Brian W. Jones; small businessman Kenneth W. King; and president of the San Diego County Board of Education Robert J. Watkins.

Hunter is a political novice, but his family connection and military background have boosted his profile to such a degree that he already claims to have received endorsements from nearly 60 current members of Congress.

Hunter is currently serving in Afghanistan and is due to complete his tour in December 2007. In Hunter’s absence, his wife, Margaret, and current members of Congress are representing the candidate at meetings and fundraising events.

Military credentials can be a significant advantage in the San Diego district where many residents are in the military or work in the defense industry.

Lumpkin believes his background as a Navy SEAL commander as well as his most recent job in Washington, D.C. serving as a congressional liaison for the U.S. Special Operations Command Office of Legislative Affairs will serve him well as representative of the district but said being a longtime resident of San Diego also makes him an ideal candidate.

Lumpkin understands the challenges Democrats face in the GOP-leaning district but said his commitment to fiscal responsibility and opposition to government intrusion are beliefs that will play out well in the 52nd. In addition, said Lumpkin, he believes he will be competing in a favorable national political environment.

“A lot of people in the Republican party are starting to think it’s not working so well for them, so I’m going to provide them an option,” Lumpkin said.

Yet the Republicans remain highly favored to hold the seat — 61 percent of residents supported President Bush for re-election in 2004 — and the conservative demographics are likely to attract additional Republican candidates. Lumpkin also expects competition on the Democratic side for the open seat.

Last fall, Congressman Hunter was chairman of the Armed Services committee and was headed for an easy re-election contest when he announced plans in October to establish an exploratory committee for a presidential bid. He was easily re-elected to a 14th term the following month and made his presidential campaign official in January. Hunter currently serves as the top Republican on Armed Services now that Democrats hold a majority in the House.

Jim Hester


Brian W. Jones

Age: 39

Residence: Santee

Profession: Real estate adviser

Public service: Santee City Council, 2002-present

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration, San Diego State University

Family: Married, three children

Councilman seeks Hunter's seat in Congress

July 20, 2007 Santee Councilman Brian W. Jones has never been to Washington, D.C., but he's hoping voters will send him there next year to replace Rep. Duncan Hunter. Jones, 38, confirmed yesterday that he will seek the 2008 Republican nomination to represent the 52nd Congressional District, which covers much of East County and northeastern San Diego County and is heavily Republican.

Hunter, R-Alpine, announced last year that he would step down from the seat he has held since 1980 and seek the Republican presidential nomination.

But Jones will face another Hunter in next year's primary. Duncan D. Hunter, son of the congressman, is also seeking the seat. Failed 2006 candidate John Rinaldi and radio personality Mark Larson haven't ruled out bids, either.

“I'm not going to say no,” Larson said yesterday. “We still have some time here.”

Some thought Larson decided against a bid after he posted a blog earlier this week saying he had been considering a run and will soon start hosting at a new radio station, San Diego 1700-AM.

Meanwhile, Jones, a commercial real estate agent first elected to the Santee City Council in 2002, said he was running to stand up for values “under attack today from liberals in the United States Congress.”

Jones said he is against abortion and in favor of Second Amendment rights, and would fight for “people's freedom to express religion as they desire.” He highlighted his experience owning and managing businesses, in public office and as a minister at Sonrise Community Church in Santee.

He said his congressional run won't distract him from his council job. Santee is experiencing a development boom and is engaged in several high-profile campaigns, including fighting a proposed expansion of Las Colinas Detention Facility. Jones said he will continue to follow those issues closely.

“They have hired me to do a job, and I'm going to do the job they hired me to do,” he said of Santee voters.

Jones has raised $56,000, campaign finance documents showed.

Duncan Duane Hunter

Age: 31

Residence: Lakeside

Profession: Captain, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration, San Diego State University

Family: Married, three children

Congressman's son

Boise Hunter Homes, LLC
PO BOX 1372
Meridian, ID 83680

Hunter Homes/Steve Edward
Hunter Homes Incorporated
3110 Aspen Ridge Lane
Eagle, ID 83616
(208) 938-9850,+Eagle,+I.D.+83616,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=43.722149,-116.348895&spn=0.003923,0.006759&t=h&z=17

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Boise Hunter Homes brings together three decades of home building experience.

Now that he's back on active military duty, Duncan Duane Hunter can't do any political campaigning for the congressional seat now occupied by his father, Duncan Hunter, who is running for president. So Duncan Duane's wife, Margaret, and his dad are hosting a fundraiser today in his name. A captain in the Marine Corps Reserves, Duncan D. was summoned May 24 to a tour in Afghanistan, where he is an artillery officer.

Congressman Hunter and other family members plan to play in today's shotgun tournament at Cottonwood Golf Club in El Cajon. Signup (for $250) starts at noon. Margaret, who is spearheading her husband's campaign until he returns, has started a political blog on the Web site

Meanwhile, the senior Hunter has scheduled his own presidential campaign fundraising breakfast today at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina.

Bob Watkins

Age: 65

Residence: Alpine

Profession: Founder, president and chief executive officer, management consulting firm R.J. Watkins & Co.

Public service: Member, San Diego County Board of Education, 2003-present; member, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority board, 2006-present

Education: Bachelor's degree in speech communications, San Diego State University

Family: Married, one child


CD52 Watch: Kolender Backs Bob Watkins for Congress


Age: 60

Residence: Ramona

Profession: Retired supervisory special agent with U.S. Customs Service and retired Army colonel

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, California State University Northridge

Family: Two children

Duncan Hunter's Seat: The Bench

October 30, 2006 News of Congressman Duncan Hunter's likely announcement later this morning that he will form a presidential exploratory committee buzzed across the San Diego political landscape yesterday, turning an otherwise lazy Sunday into a day of much interest, with several political watchers sputtering and panting on the phone.

For those of us who live in Hunter's district, a wide area of East San Diego County we sometimes call God's Country, the news was even bigger.

It's been twenty-six years since Duncan was first elected to Congress, knocking off Lionel Van Deerlin in a Reagan-led 1980 surprise. In all that time the conservative spirit of Ronald Reagan has been alive and well in Duncan Hunter. There are few people -- and fewer politicians -- that I would call great Americans. Duncan Hunter is among them.

I'll let the rest of the print and electronic media, as well as the talk show hosts pontificate as to his chances, what's really behind this, the impact on the presidential field, etc, etc (see today's SDUT and the Associated Press). There is a local impact, however, something we have all joked about for many years, let's call it the proverbial, "Well, if Duncan ever retires from Congress, who is gonna run?"

OK, I am the first to know that we should give Duncan his due, that the man should be allowed to formalize his plans before we talk about replacing him. But, let's face it, no one will ever replace him. At some point, however, someone will succeed him, and we all knew that sooner or later -- whether thru retirement, getting tapped for an administration position, or a run for higher office -- something would happen. If Duncan runs for CD 52 again, wonderful, it's literally his seat for as long as he wants, and he is the best representative I could ever hope for (not to mention the only).

In the meantime, however, this is the FlashReport. No other media entity in the state will be looking at the prospects for the 52nd Congressional seat today, except these pages. It's what we do. This is the business we've chosen.

I spent some time yesterday tracking down or emailing those on what I'll call the long list, folks who represent portions of the 52nd seat or whose names have at times been mentioned. I narrowed it to Republicans...short of a major redistricting along with getting a slew of Republicans to move west (which would scare the heck out of Susan Davis), this seat will be decided in the primary.

I asked two questions:

1) Do you have any comments on Duncan Hunter's apparent announcement tomorrow that he will explore a bid for the Presidency?

2) Understanding that Duncan's decision may be quite a ways into the future, would you consider running should the 52nd Congressional seat become open?

As more of these individuals become available, or realize they probably shouldn't hide -- since others will ask them the same questions -- I will provide updates. These are in no particular order:

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob... Representing much of Duncan's district, she is popular and has huge name ID, probably only second to Hunter himself. Likely more moderate than Duncan on some issues, but as one of the only women currently representing the area, she would have to be taken very seriously, especially in a crowded field of men. (I couldn't reach her for a comment...yet.)

Assemblyman Jay La Suer... Terming out of the 77th AD, but the upside is he would have time to campaign. A conservative's conservative, in the Hunter mold, would fit the district to a tee. One of the persons Duncan would likely consider endorsing. Jay called Hunter, "A quality person who operates on common sense and logic, he believes in the American way of life and puts America first. I believe he would do a fine job as president...he's got my vote."

As for running for Congress: "I would give it some very serious consideration."

State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth... Another strong conservative, a 2008 race would put him mid-way thru his second and last term in the Senate. He lives in Riverside, but the gerrymandered SD 36 takes a large swath out of East SD as well. His conservatism beat Charlene Zettel in this area. Will he consider moving south? On Duncan: "Hunter would make an excellent President. He has the right conservative ideas and positions, and the crucial, heartfelt desire and experience to effectively see this country is protected."

A run for Congress: "Any speculation on that should rightfully wait for another day."

Former Assemblyman Steve Baldwin... Do I need to say this guy is a conservative? Succeeded by La Suer in 2000, but not forgotten by a gaggle of activists. Now the executive director of Council for National Policy in DC, he would have access to some big conservative donors. This could be his excuse to finally move home. "I welcome it," Baldwin said of Hunter's possible bid. "We have lots of fake conservatives currently running and frankly, the conservative leadership of the country is looking for someone to rally behind."

On running in an open Hunter seat: "I would have to consult with family and friends, but yes, I would certainly consider it."

Assembly Nominee Joel Anderson... Another conservative, will be elected in the safe AD 77 next week, succeeding La Suer. Has built a small army of volunteers, which would naturally carry forward and be motivated by a bid for higher office. An obvious choice to succeed Hollingsworth for the Senate seat in in 2010. Would an open '08 congressional seat come too early for him? (Unavailable for comment...but I know Joel and his focus is on his Assembly race, nothing else).

Mark Larson... The local conservative talk show host has long toyed with running for office...could this be the one? Thirty-year TV and radio personality, a popular presence, especially in East County. Has covered the Middle East on location, including Afghanistan...has great access to the real insiders that know the issues. On Duncan: "I'm very excited about Duncan's possibilities, and posted my feelings about this on"

Running himself: "Yes, I would certainly consider running for his seat if it became open in 2008 and beyond. I love my radio career and plan on continuing our success at KOGO, but if suddenly he was out of office I would have to explore possibilities. Back in the early 1990s when I was considering running for Assembly, Paul Weyrich called and said I was nuts...that I would shrink my "reach" was better than state assembly...and he said 'do your homework over the next few years until Duncan decides to leave office...get involved on issues, with Duncan's supporters, emcee events, etc'. Good advice."

Scott Turner... The former San Diego Charger and current motivational speaker and assistant pastor took perhaps a too-early stab at the Brian Bilbray-won seat earlier this year, but did impress a host of people while even nailing Roger Hedgecock's endorsement. Has been seen just about everywhere Duncan goes in recent months, with Hunter always proudly introducing him. Is there writing on this wall? "I believe that Mr. Hunter will be an excellent candidate for President and that he would be a great leader for our Country," said Scott. "As far as the 52nd goes, I have no comment at this time."

Mark Price... The one-time Assembly candidate (when Charlene Zettel beat him and Joel Anderson in the "open primary" year) and current Alpine School board member has long been said to have an interest and possibly the finances. A very compelling comment on Hunter: "With Duncan's depth of knowledge and his years of commitment as well as his legislative and military experience he would be a formidable candidate and a very capable President. My one regret is that his father and Wendell (Cutting) will not be standing with him for the announcement. On second thought, they very well may be."

A bid for Congress?: "I would consider a run if Duncan were to ask me to consider it."

A slew of other people, of course, are always possibilities....

The mayors of the cities in the district, including La Mesa's Art Madrid, El Cajon's Mark Lewis, Santee's Randy Voepel, and Poway's Mickey Cafagna. That's not even getting into all the other local electeds. Madrid said he was surprised by Duncan's announcement, that Hunter "has done a good job as a congressman representing his district," and that "the mayor's office I currently occupy is where I can have the greatest impact on La Mesa residents."

San Diego City Councilman Jim Madaffer is on the cusp of CD 52, I believe. He would have some name ID, but East Countians may not look too favorably on anyone from the "Big City," especially given SD's recent history.

Other names that have come up include County Board of Education Member Bob Watkins, current SD County and likely next State GOP Chairman Ron Nehring, and former Assemblywoman and current Director of California's Department of Consumer Affairs Charlene Zettel.

If some of these folks have anything of interest to add, I'll post. It's the business I've chosen, regardless of the great pay.

Am I missing anyone? Let me know.



Age: 57

Residence: Lakeside

Profession: Business owner, home-inspection company and flier-delivery service

Education: GED

Family: Two children

2006 Election

November Election Results

Candidate Votes Percent

  • John Rinaldi (Dem) 46,996 31.6 %
  • Duncan Hunter (Rep) 96,600 65.0 %
  • Michael Benoit (Lib) 5,105 3.4 %

Three out gay hopefuls lack Victory Fund backing

Supporters for the three out gays running for Congress in California say they are hopeful that the Victory Fund and other local and national gay groups would consider endorsing them as their campaigns progress this summer toward the fall election.

In San Diego, Democrat John Rinaldi, another political newcomer, also defeated a prominent Democrat in the June 6 primary, after receiving the endorsement of two key labor unions. He is running against incumbent Republican Duncan Hunter, who is considered a strong favorite in November.

But Rinaldi’s communications director, Brian van de Mark, said the candidate’s background as a military chaplain, former police officer and current business owner make him an attractive alternative to the politically entrenched Hunter, who is chair of the powerful House Armed Services Committee.

Van de Mark said that Hunter is a longtime political ally of former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, who resigned from office after being indicted and later pleading guilty on a bribery charge.

Primary results

read 'em and weap

Candidate Votes Percent
John Rinaldi 12,336 38.7
Connie Frankowiak 4,784 15.0
Derek Casady 6,190 19.5
Karen Marie Otter 5,047 15.8
Peter Moore-Kochlacs 3,523 11.0
Duncan Hunter 60,503 100.0
Michael Benoit 483 100.0

  • = Incumbent

buddy can you spare a dime?


There are currently two several Democratic challengers for the 2006 election:

  1. Karen Marie Otter, Karen Marie Otter for Congress]
  2. John Rinaldi, Rinaldi for Congress 2006
  3. Connie Frankowiak,
  4. Derek Casady, Casady for Congres
  5. Jim Hester, Jim Hester for Congress]
  6. Andrew Benjamin
  7. Rev. Peter Moore-Kochlacs, Moore-Kochlacs for Congress, environmental page


Duncan Hunter,


Michael Benoit, Michael Benoit for U.S. Congress

2004 Election

In the 2004 elections, Brian Keliher received over 34,000 votes. Mr. Hunter raised over $1.2million for his campaign vs. $18,000 for Mr. Keliher.

something not right here

  • Brian S. Keliher 74,857 27.6%
  • Duncan Hunter 187,799 69.2%
  • Michael Benoit 8,782 3.2%