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beachblogging is a way to reach people by marking messages in the sand at the beach.

Who hasn’t walked on a beach and scratched their name in the sand? Or made a heart with two sets of initials in it? What was once just child’s play is now... beachblogging! Beachblogging is all about Peace. Be the change you want to see in others.

in the begining

This is from yahoo group freewayblogging, July 31, 2005


Thanks for starting this list and congratulations on 201 members. I'm happy to be a part!

I'll tell you what lead me to freewayblogging: It started in October, 2003, with the run up to the recall of Gray Davis. I was driving home in the evening and saw a woman with a sign near a busy intersection. The sign said some thing like "Stop the Outrage". My first reaction was "which one? the recall? the war? Bush is the Outrage!".

The idea of roadside protest signs was planted. As we moved on to the 2004 elections I got involved with the Democratic candidate for my congressional district; I was the leader of his meetup group and distributed flyers. I remembered the lady with the sign and I took one of the campaign signs and held it up on a freeway pedestrian overpass near my house. I waved it for ½ hour during evening rush hour; I got reactions from drivers both positive and single digit. It was fun and exciting and I felt like there was a danger of confrontation, after all my current congressman has no problem with torturing people so long as you give them lemon chicken once a week. I found by way of and I was inspired.

So this morning I wanted to go to the beach. I check the web cam every day and always thought about writing a protest in the sand. I googled freewayblogger and found this list, joined and posted the look out. I drove down there and there was no parking. I almost gave up but then found a spot on the street right by the stairs. I found a block of wood that I used to draw the letters.

I do believe that grammar and spelling are important and since I am a lousy speller I choose a one word slogan, I also wrote the word down on a card just to double check the spelling. The L was altered within 2 minutes but on the cam it still looked like LIAR.

Technically I don't consider what I did freewayblogging but it is similar in that it was a public posting of a protest. What I think is key is going out and doing it; it was an action on my part, inspired by the actions of you and the other freewaybloggers.

I do plan on blogging the freeway again; I plan on combining a sign on the overpass and a sign on the beach on the same trip. I like the simplicity of the slogan: LIAR but plan on putting a stretched out W above it so that readers will know it's directed at the government. I'm also considering the classic: PEACE.

Also I'm thinking about: 1796 PER GALLON.

best regards,